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Welcome to Triangle Lawn Games, the nation’s leading provider of affordable lawn game rentals, NERF parties and custom cornhole! You have found your way to the website for our Dallas/Fort Worth locations so if you are looking to get games to your events in that area you’re in the right place.

We have games in two places in the Metroplex, so just book from the location closest to you in order to get the best pricing on delivery. Our giant yard game rentals are perfect for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other gatherings.

We are locally operated by folks right here in the DFW area, along with help from our corporate HQs in Houston + Raleigh. We strive to be easy to work with, which is why we offer free cancellation, 24 hour rentals, affordable rates and delivery services. Lawn games should not be the stressful part of planning an event or party so we work hard to make your day easier.

Book at either the Dallas or Fort Worth locations below, and feel free to give us a call at (214) 888-2102 if you have questions or any difficulty booking online.



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Our pricing is simple – pick your delivery or pickup option, choose your dates, and pick from what’s available from our many games!

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Giant Connect Four Rental Dallas Ft Worth Square

Giant Connect Four

Stained Cornhole Set Square


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Giant Jenga

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