Dallas is home to hundreds of event and wedding venues, all with different but appealing aspects.  Some cater to weddings, some to corporate events and some to simply family reunions.  You have barns, haciendas, post-modern spots, industrial converts and a variety in between.  In this article we’ll take a look at the 5 best venues in the Dallas area.
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  1. The Grove in Aubrey – There is an innate sense for attention  to detail by the owners.  Judging from the website, every couple that consents is chronicled by a well-written and fairly extensive blog post replete with wedding pictures and musings from their special day.  While it
  2. On the Levee – Bathrooms, near downtown, good parking, excellent suites and responsive owners.  It is a modern industrial style building with 2 large event spaces.  It looks more like it contains some art galleries and a brewery.  Some bonuses:  it has an open vendor policy and the rental length is 10 hours.  It definitely isn’t a spot for every Dallas bride but it certainly will make some couples happy!
  3. Stonegate Mansion – This got bad reviews by people who I can guarantee have never stepped foot inside the place.  Their rating was based on a crime committed in the 70’s, which obviously has a great bearing on what the owners do nowadays.  Regardless of how you feel about the unfortunate history of the venue, it’s very cool.  It’s very much a mid-century modern design perched atop a slight knoll near downtown Ft. Worth.  Inside, it remains an ode to the roarin’ Texas 70’s when oil was high and inhibitions were low.  It also has good parking, but gets dinged by being surrounded by an apartment complex.
  4. The Room on Main – A beautifully restored ballroom in Central Dallas, The Room on Main is reminiscent of the early Dallas debutante days.  It offers excellent views of downtown in a large space suitable for up to 320 people.  It has BIG windows and high ceilings that will certainly wow your guests.  However a downside is you may need to pay to park at the garage across the street.
  5. The Hifi – This place is just cool and it accommodates up to 1000 guests.  It moonlights as a live music venue and certainly maintains that aesthetic.  They have an eclectic mix of food and beverage partners but I’m not sure if you can use your own vendors for catering.  The Hifi was apparently reimagined after being a furniture store/warehouse and they’ve done an outstanding job.  While a bit less traditional venue, it certainly would make a splash!
Dallas and Fort Worth have hundreds of venues and The Knot barely has enough bandwidth to produce them all on the website!  Brides of the DFW area certainly know how to have a wedding and our cities have responded with some of the finest venues in the United States.  While the aforementioned venues are usually booked well in advance, there are certainly numerous other great spots for an unforgettable experience.
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