The Texas Fall is an annual period held sacred to nearly every resident of the state.  Whether you like football is irrelevant; the weather is pristine, the hot summer days are behind us and Daylight Savings Time hasn’t reared its ugly head.  However, football still reigns supreme in the state and parties in the fall commonly occur in parking lots adjacent to football stadiums.  This phenomenon is called “tailgating” and it is God’s gift to man, especially in SEC/BIG 12 country.

  1. Brisket – If you’re a self-respecting man living in Texas then you probably dream about brisket.  Slabs of brisket, brisket sandwiches, brisket tacos, liquid brisket, etc..  It is as much a part of an event in Texas as people and sunshine.  Everyone knows someone who claims to make the best brisket, sometimes they do, but make sure they’re well lubricated ( with alcohol) and smoking brisket for your next soiree.
  2. Sunscreen – Every April, someone forgets to put on sunscreen and they get their first burn of the year.  Usually, that first mild burn of the year is enough to remind folks they’ll need to protect their skin, but if you read this:  You’ll need sunscreen just about any time you’re outside unless it’s raining.
  3. Beer – Beer is the name of the game in Texas, we even have our own “national” beer in Lone Star.  Texas, especially Dallas/Ft. Worth is an outstanding locale for craft brews as well.  The heat of the state along with the crisp refreshing nature of beer make it the perfect drink for Texas as well as a basic necessity at parties
  4. Yard Games – Perhaps we’re biased but games basically a requirement for parties in the DFW area.  If it’s raining, you have options.  If it’s sunny, you have options and if it’s somewhere in between, you have options.  Dallas and Fort Worth folks are known to have a good time and these games only add to the fun.  They’re always a good activity with just one hand open!
  5. Bug Spray – We’ve had too much rain lately and the mosquitos have moved in.  Houston is definitely worse but we’re getting swarmed in DFW as well!

Clearly there are things missing from this list but those aren’t needed for parties, except for music but that’s too obvious.  Regardless, DFW people know how to have a good time, especially when games, beer and brisket is involved.  However you do your party, just remember you’re not tougher than the sun.