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NERF is fast becoming one of the most popular activities for children’s birthdays. If you are looking to have a NERF party, you can certainly buy all the equipment yourself, get it all set up for the party, and clean everything up. However if you are looking for a less expensive and easier option TLG can help!

Our shop in Fort Worth is based out of The Link in Richland Hills, which is an awesome spot to have a NERF or Archery Tag. You can pickup a battlepack by booking here on the website, and then you can pickup OR have us deliver and pickup the games. The battlepacks come with everything you need to throw a great nerf party, from blasters to masks to bunkers to darts.

We even have a full guide to running your own NERF party so you can have resources to run yourself. If you are looking to rent NERF in Fort Worth or Dallas, book with Triangle Lawn Games today!

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NERF Party in Fort Worth Dallas

Rent our NERF Battle Pack for a fun DIY NERF Party. Comes with:

10x Primary Blasters (Elite Delta Troopers)

10x Masks

10x Vests

500 Darts

10x Bunkers + Air Mattress Pump

Please give us a call at 214-888-2102 or select pickup option.

You Pickup/Drop Off

Feel free to pickup your games at our crib!
Our address is

6750 Baker Blvd
Richland Hills TX 76118

Delivery Zone #1

Delivery + Pickup for up to 10 miles from Richland Hills Community Center

Delivery Zone #2

Delivery + Pickup for your order up to 25 miles from Richland Hills Community Center

Delivery Zone #3

Delivery + Pickup for your order up to 50 miles from Richland Hills Community Center - Call for further distances

NERF Field of Play
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Nerf Gun Battle Rental in Fort Worth

5 most important aspects of running a NERF Party in Dallas-Fort Worth


Know the number of participants – This is important because the NERF provider will need to know how many sets are required.  Sometimes they may be limited to the number they can provide and the part host will need to come up with some extra guns or have some of the friends bring their own. If you are looking to buy one here is a link to by the Elite 2.0 Shockwave on Amazon. It’s a drum fed gun and holds up well and is easy to use as a primary. A smaller and simpler gun is the Elite Strong arm available here. 

Referee – Depending on the age of kids, a referee may be useful.  If the kids are too young, running around and shooting each other is probably the way to go.  However, if they’re old enough, you can get a referee and free up a couple hours for yourself.  If you don’t know anyone, like a high school kid, you can usually entice other parents to switch off refereeing games for a six pack or bottle of wine.

Choose the spot – Lots of people call and ask if we know a good place to host a NERF party.  Typically, we can just point you to your nearest park or your backyard! Luckily the operators of the DFW imprint of  Triangle Lawn Games are The Link in Richland Hills. They have a wonderful gym available for rent, and can ensure your group has a great time with all the equipment. You can contact them directly for facility rentals and our gear is already there!

Games – Some parents wonder about the games they’ll play and how the rules work.  Just print off the pdf and follow the instructions.  The hardest part is just getting the kids to separate into teams. We have an awesome NERF guide on the HQ website here.

Timeframe – Kids don’t have great attention spans, so just make sure you aren’t planning the party for more than a couple of hours.  A pretty standard timeframe is 2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday starting at around noon.  You can push to 3 hours, but the early afternoon is a good time for parents and children alike.

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